You, a prayerful conversation


You is a prayerful conversation of questions, ponderings, musings, fragments, and occasional meditations. Listening is done mostly else where. It is a more focused continuation of my first journal called CowPi Journal.

I seek a certain measure of solitude and quiet, to be an iHermit, an internet hermit.

For me, the internet has become full of noise and distractions from the one important thing. I have tried to isolate myself on the internet much like the Desert Fathers sought solitude as hermits. I have given up visiting, reading and commenting on weblogs, blogs, online journals, forums, list servers, etc. I still use the internet for resources and references, and for correspondence with job, family and friends. (On rare occassions, I do venture out.)

The urge to write is strong. Unfortunately time is not always available. I write this journal and make it public in the spirit of a quote by Henri Nouwen in his book Reaching Out:

I wanted to write this [journal] because it is my growing conviction that my life belongs to others as much as it belongs to myself and that what is experienced as most unique often proves to be most solidly embedded in the common condition of being human.

I have wavered over the idea of posting a method of contact. It runs contrary to the very notion of being an iHermit. I ask that you please do not send thanks for anything that has been written. Thank the Holy Spirit. I do not claim originally in anything. All is gift from God and so I cannot receive credit.

The wind blows where it wills, and you can hear the sound it makes, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes; so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit. (John 3:8)

Please do not send inquiries pertaining to religion or Christianity, nor to discuss or argue a point about theology or philosophy. Sorry. I am not an apologist. There are plenty of good books (and even internet sites) to help you. Do your homework.

Regrettably not all correspondence will receive a response, but a prayer will be said.

you@cowpi[remove this antispam text].com

As an iHermit, it follows that there is a policy of not linking to other sites (except for reference), nor does this site expect links leading here. I am grateful if you provide a link, but I cannot reciprocate. This site is not interested in generating traffic for itself or for others. The goal, if it has one, is to record a few words of prayerful conversation, and maybe, just maybe, provide a few signposts that point toward the Truth.

Thanks for your interest.

May God’s love, peace, and energy touch your heart in faith and hope.